The Recycle Process

Collecting e-Waste:
Our employees collect the e Waste with proper measures and equipments.All the wastes are properly segregated at the source and put for the transport for further recycle procedures.

We have all the necessary documents and permissions required for the transport of e-Wastes.The arrangement for the closed vehicle container will be made for collecting the e-waste.We also ensure smooth loading and unloading process.

Based on the size of components and equipments, once again the segregation is done in the factory premises.

Proper and necessary steps are taken to dismantle the components like CPUs, CRTs, Hard Disk, Fax Machine, ACs, Printers etc;

Instead of wasting the materials like Glass, Plastics and Metals we recycle them. So reducing the consumption of natural resources and reusing the materials once again. We promise to recycle the components up to 98%, hence saving our planet earth and keeping it green we put our maximum efforts.

Why Choose Us?

*   Soft Data is completely destroyed and make them fully Irreversible.

*   We Assure the Environmental Safety & Health.

*   Almost 95% of the e-Waste is Recoverable with our Latest Technologies.

*   We Guarantee complete removal & maintain clean premises at a cost effective prices.

*   We have a very well Educated & Trained Team to full fill all your needs.

Office Address

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