Company Profile

e Waste Recycling has the largest market share in the nation and continues to grow due to our Commitment and Guarantee to Maximum Sustainability at the Most Favorable Economic Model.

Every customer assigns us more of their business each year because we focus daily on Maximum Sustainability that is Transparent and Documented.

We focuses daily on Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Revenue by working closely with our customers.

Our Vision

  • To lead the industry in rethinking and recycling of e-waste
  • To promote employment opportunities through e-waste management
  • To carry out Research and Development in the framework of e-waste management Policies and effective implementation of the same throughout the industry
  • To assure organizations of the safe disposal of their electronic products
  • To make this world a better place to live in, for our children
  • To impart knowledge of e-waste management and the ill-effects of mismanagement to every individual in India

Our Mission

  • To provide online tracking of e-waste material handling and management
  • To devise environmental friendly techniques of disposing and recycling end-of-life electronics
  • To provide e-waste collection centers throughout India
  • To be the first company in India to create a Happiness-based Organization
  • To be the first company to form an indigenous solution for 100 % pollution free melting and reprocessing unit in plasma technology

Why Choose Us?

*   Soft Data is completely destroyed and make them fully Irreversible.

*   We Assure the Environmental Safety & Health.

*   Almost 95% of the e-Waste is Recoverable with our Latest Technologies.

*   We Guarantee complete removal & maintain clean premises at a cost effective prices.

*   We have a very well Educated & Trained Team to full fill all your needs.

Office Address

Sativali Road, Opp.Niddhi Complex,
Vasai Road (East),
District: Thane,
Pin: 401208,
Mobile: +91- 9699827947
State: Maharashtra, INDIA